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Small Business Owners and Direct Sales Representatives: Run your businesses! I can handle the rest.

I’ve been managing my own businesses on social media platforms since 2006. Getting yourself out there is everything and takes a lot of time! I have quite a bit of experience with networking, graphics and advertising for my own businesses. Now, I have many friends who are business owners coming to me for help. And I am continuing my education on a daily basis by attending online webinars and classes. This is much more feasible while going through treatment.

So, I started my own business to help small businesses and direct sales reps, get their name out there. I will get your online presence looking professional and standing out in the search engines. Currently managing websites and social media platforms, posting daily. I make new graphics to keep your pages looking fresh and up to date so you don’t have to. Your business is your baby, so you take care of business and I’ll take care of the social media.


Why is social media important for your business?

Because your customers are online; shopping, talking to friends, searching for info or recommendations, and playing games. Another reason is because if you aren’t , the competitor is, and will more than likely take the customer for life because they were there to respond.

Social media takes time and effort. I am self-taught as many social media consultants are, we have to figure it out as we go, because it’s forever changing. Also, I continue to grow my education as often as possible. I love to learn!


Running a business takes a lot of time, so let me take the burden off of keeping your customers updated.

Social media is what saved many businesses during the recession when they had to cut back on advertising. It’s the best way to make things happen in your business. I maintain and post for business and fan pages, do PR for the page, and get more likes and followers. I help when no one has time to drop everything and respond to a post which is vital in social media. I’ve got all my businesses at my fingertips!

Join my Classes!

Social Dragonfly is a group of small business owners and direct sales representatives who meet weekly in a private Google Plus Hangout, If you have a team, it can be open forum to discuss effective marketing and social media ideas to keep your team excited and focused.

If you would like to eventually do the work yourself, I am offering classes to help everyone get their social media presence on the right path. I will walk everyone through anything you need help with.

Fill out the form below to schedule a private Google Hangout, I can help you and your business stand out.

Click for availability.

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A few of my graphics are shown below.


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