Wildtree Freezer Meal Workshops

Wildtree Organic Herbs is a fabulous company because it offers convenience and flavor with organic meals! It’s saves time, money and your health. I started selling Wildtree for the free groceries!! It’s a no brainer with 2 growing boys who never stop eating.

I am doing freezer meal workshops and it’s really taking off. I love helping other families eat healthier without sacrificing flavor or time. Saves time in the kitchen as well as the grocery store because you don’t need to worry about reading the ingredients. These are products that you always have in your pantry, but it’s much more fun to grocery shop online! Go to my website and take a look! Host a workshop and get your kit free. It’s so nice to have meals made ahead, you won’t know what to do with that extra time. Get 20% off for life for hosting a workshop!


Choose a Workshop!

Invite 6 friends and get your kit free!

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Sign up for my workshop here:

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