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Cancer is everyone’s problem.

Yesterday, I received a call from Bonyen Lee of KCTV 5, wanting an on-air interview about the new John Hopkins Study. The study says that two-thirds of cancer is just ‘bad luck’. And I for one, have been trying to explain this for the last four years. I do not have any cancer in my family, and… Continue reading Cancer is everyone’s problem.


Why can’t we do more HEALTHY things for fundraisers?

This is something that has been upsetting me for quite a while. I am always raising money for my own treatments,  well as American Cancer Society and others that represent the patient. But I disagree with these products who are slapping a ribbon on their chemicals, and making a killing. We have no idea if… Continue reading Why can’t we do more HEALTHY things for fundraisers?


Amanda’s Fight!

Originally posted on From Brags to Riches:
This past weekend, I was honored to help in the Pink Stockings Shopping Event to support Amanda’s Fight! It was truly humbling to see complete strangers helping woman they didn’t know.  Amanda is currently battling Stage IV Breast Cancer. It has been a long, 4-year fight for Amanda and her family. A…


Reversed French Toast

  My boys love this fast breakfast! Ingredients: -Sandwich bread of choice (we use gluten , soy and dairy free) -Farm fresh eggs –Wildtree organic butter oil -Maple Syrup (don’t skimp, get the real deal) I use natural sugars only, coconut nectar or brown rice syrup work too. Directions: 1. Toast bread. Cut your favorite… Continue reading Reversed French Toast