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How We Made Our Garden Landscape!

We are playing outside today, and Shawn decided to cut a limb off of one of the trees in the backyard. It’s hanging too low and the grass would not grow. 

This is the limb he cut down. There was a mockingbird nest but they have vacated this late in the summer.  

So we decided the garden needed some landscaping…. 

As you can see, the watermelon vines are running away. So we needed to get some trellises built.

And this our end product. We set the limbs upwards so that it doubles as trellises. 

We have some watermelons!

Pumpkin Vines

Cucumber Vines

And my homemade toad house in the back corner just makes it so fun.

So basically we have been working all day but we didn’t spend a dime! And we spent time together. 

Pretty cool we thought!
Thank you for your support and for reading!


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