Dirty Details of Cancer

Mommies In Need

Sometimes my doctor’s appointments run longer than expected and it’s impossible to find someone to keep my boys at the drop of a hat. It’s also difficult to find child care when I have to leave for 3 days to go to Houston for treatment. One day, I was at the oncologists office and the social worker was trying to find any help she could for me. She came out of her office and sat next to me in the waiting area, and gave me some info about the local ACS. That’s when a lady sitting on the other side of the social worker handed her card over and said I am the founder of Mommies in Need. Just at the same moment, I was called for labs and vitals so Shawn started talking with her while I was getting poked.

We got into the exam room where Shawn filled me in and gave me her card. So while I waited I found her on Facebook and looked up the website. To my surprise it’s exactly the kind of help we need! Mommies in Need provides free childcare to parents going through active treatment in the Dallas area. So I asked her to be friends on Facebook and we started messaging. We decided to meet for coffee and tea and we ended up spending all afternoon just chatting.  It’s just so refreshing to meet someone who gets it!


Natalie Boyle is the founder of Mommies in Need and she is also a cancer survivor. We have so much in common because her babies were small when she was diagnosed too. That is what made her decide to start this foundation. Cancer isn’t cheap folks, and when you are sick it’s hard enough to take care of yourself. Natalie explained that she could help us with the boys when I have to go to MD Anderson for imaging and labs. This is needed everywhere, and I hope this becomes huge! Every parent battling could can benefit.

When Natalie saw my video about my treatment being stopped because I couldn’t pay my oncology bills, she called me and got me in touch with a friend of hers who has a foundation called Side by Side Foundation that helps cancer patients with bills in the Dallas! Seriously!?? So I called them and told them my story. They are helping us with a bill for one month which is amazing! We can get caught up on other things and I can finally focus on healing. What a truly amazing gift and how amazing is it that they can give that kind of feeling to a cancer patient.

So I wanted to express my gratitude to these foundations for welcoming my family to Dallas with open arms. And I got a fantastic new friend in the process!


Thanks for reading!



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