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A Memory

When I was little, I met Bill Clinton. We lived in Arkansas for less than a year, during his election time. He was still the governor of AR at the time.

The memory of his huge hands always stayed with me. His hand was as big as my arm, as he held my hand. Governor Clinton walked with me to get my certificate for state-wide Honor Roll. He told me I could be anything I wanted, as he gave my arm a small squeeze, just so soft and meaningful. I get goosebumps and tears when I think of his eyes and how incredibly sincere and kind he was. I was only 10 years old, I was shaking and I couldn’t get my words out, so I just smiled. Probably showing my wheels turning in my head, I wanted to tell him that I wanted to be a leader like him, tell him how cool he is, and let him know the impact that he left on me.
I’ve always wished I could go back and get those words out. But I think he knew, by the way I was shaking in my little jelly shoes.
His main campaign was about the children of our future. He was always trying to fund new play grounds, updating parks, ect. Being that I was very into the environment and always playing outside, this stuck to my thoughts and that is the reasoning for my childhood love for Bill. Yes at that age I had convictions. No one cared about a safer environment at that time like they do now, so I was very excited when I found out he would be presenting my honor roll certificate. We learned all about Bill in class. And now the future he was speaking of, has grown up and is here. So, that was my encounter with Bill Clinton.

And when Hillary started running, I was disgusted with how this country treats the people who have the guts to get up and lead our country. Shame. Shame. Shame. To stand up and be basically be turned into a clown for this country, in order to be our leader, takes more courage than most people can fathom. But that’s not all, they get to turn on the TV and check social media to find out what kind of person the media has made them out to be.

I’m fully aware that everyone has different views of what is important in this country, but to degrade our leaders? They are still leading us whether we like their decisions. Acting like children and making fun of any little thing you can find, whether its true or false? Does that get us anywhere? Our country will be soon founded on Twitter posts and not the actual history book. I am not proud of that and not comfortable with that. Let’s work together, not against. Learn to understand the importance and needs of others, without demolishing them. Oh, and SPEAK with your voices, not with your texts!

So yes I will be voting for Hillary. Because like me, she is just trying to get to next year, not the next decade. And she knows more about “updated” politics than anyone else running. Not trying to pull ideas in politics from the 1950’s either.

She has been a force to be reckoned with for a very long political career. And, don’t forget she was the force behind a former president of the United States.
Also, since a lot of people think I am fighting something that I can’t win, I feel that I need to back this up for my memories and convictions. But this may not be for you. And if u r a true friend, this will not matter.

Hillary is for women who are denied access to reproductive health care and safe childbirth. Being that I was uninsured and made too much money (as a bartender living on her own mind you) I could not qualify for Medicaid for pregnant women until after I had the baby. Then after 6 weeks, I was dropped and left with a mountain of medical bills for the birth and after.
Hillary is for banning abortions over 20 wks and will take into consideration of the mothers wishes.

Hillary is for comprehensive immigration so babies can stay with their mothers and families.
Hillary is for affordable health care, my favorite since I am literally $2M in hospital and health care debt. Yes millions. Plural. More than 1 million. Sorry, it’s hard to grasp sometimes.

Hillary built a coalition against Iran and brokered a cease fire. I could go on and on. But that is because she is planning and trying to help our personal environments. And I think that is what is missing in electing someone to be our leader, looking at your immediate surroundings and making it right for your own lives. Stop worrying about who others are voting for, I honestly don’t care who my friends vote for. BECAUSE IT’S THEIR BUSINESS and not mine. Why are people so worried about controlling who leads this country, but then turn around and crap all over our leaders? I don’t see anyone else trying to make it better, why? Because no one has the money in this country besides money grubbing Wallstreet jerks who we bailed out. Sure go ahead and make those bankers our president too, why not?
So basically, we have taught and are still teaching our children that money runs the world. That is sickening to me on so many levels. Humanity is more important than the dollar and it’s terrible that people need reminding.

I told you who I’m voting for and I’m not scared too tell everyone. In fact, this is probably a great way to eliminate the people who are against me getting my immediate environment in order. I’m just trying to make it to tomorrow, not to next week, next month, or next year.

This is a memory I felt was perfect to share, not one for you too shit all over. You have your beliefs and I can have mine, right? Thank u for reading.


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