Dirty Details of Cancer

Why do people give Cancer patients false hope?

I don’t know what to say except; dont promise a cancer patient that you will help with medical bills and then skip out. This isn’t the first time this has happened either 😦 and if it happened to me a several times, it happens to many people.
18 calls from collectors since 8am. In the past, I’ve had foundations, businesses, and people tell me they will help, and then nothing. I’m stuck in collections, and they offered to pay!!!!! My husband really wanted to go after a foundation, after they used my pictures and my story to raise money that we never saw. But they mysteriously disappeared. I’ve got a few more stories like this over 6 years of fighting. People that were in our lives as friends, have disappeared after promising help. This is not easy folks. How can you just walk away?

Should I sell flowers, tshirts? I mean dang, I run 4 businesses already. Jeez! What’s a cancer patient supposed to do?  Any advice is more than needed. I haven’t been out of bed since Friday (mending fractured ribs due to lesions at the fracture sites) so it’s not like I can go sell carnations on a freeway off ramp or get a real job! Oh and I LOVE IT SO MUCH when they ask what I do for a living! Ha ha ha! “Well sir, if you must know, I live at the hospital every single day of this life Im trying to save. Yup I spend my time on the highway in traffic at 8am and spend my money on gas to get to ‘work’. Just like you do, sir. Only you get paid.”


Why are Cancer patients made to feel like pieces of crap? It’s hard enough for me to ask for, and accept help. So, when I accept an offer of helping with a $2800 medical bill, it’s not what I want… but there is no choice and THEY OFFERED.

The go fund me’s and all the other fundraising sites are all way over done, no one donates to those anymore because people are trying to get funding for ridiculous things like the latest gadgets and band tours.

So, anyone? Help? Suggestions?

Now, this is me, actually asking for help!

If you know someone with the means to help, this is the time to ask. Please. I cannot leave my husband with all this to deal with.

OK I’m done with my rant. They don’t come around very often but when they do….

2 more collection calls while I typed this. The term ‘the struggle is real’, is not a joke.
I am not upset with anyone, there’s no one to blame. No one to hit. No one at all. It’s just what it is.

But it needs to be brought to people’s attention: how is anyone supposed to get well when people keep pulling the rug out from under them with false hopes? That’s added stress that no one needs.

Thank you for reading. Help others by sharing my fight.

#amandastrong #stressdoesnotheal


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