Dirty Details of Cancer

2 reasons why I should have lost it by now

Keeping up with the kids activities, homework, food allergies, family time, bills, the house chores, making meals everyday, pets, running my businesses, my health, oncology appointments for the last 5 years, and traveling for treatment for the last 3 years… did I mention I no longer have health insurance? Yeah, good times.

I probably should have lost it by now.

All of these things are exactly why I haven’t lost my mind. Focusing on all of these things helps me forget that I’m fighting. You guys ask me all the time, so I know everyone is wondering how I keep going. Life as a mommy and trying to run my businesses, all while dealing with a terminal illness, has not been easy. So here’s a couple of things I do to stay positive and stay focused.

I PAY ATTENTION TO MYSELF. I am fighting cancer, so I need to listen to my body. Rest when I need rest, and eat the best way possible. My body needs all the nutrients it can get to fight, which is a pretty good motivator!  I love my food and I love to cook, so I grow whatever I can and I go to the local farmer’s market. I am spending time with the family in the garden and at the table. I love it when the boys help me in the kitchen, we get in some good chats.

I am doing what makes me happy, and avoiding extra stress at all costs. There is plenty to be stressed about, so I try to make things as simple as I can. The boys are doing more for themselves, and my husband is extremely helpful to me. He is so supportive in every way. I would not have made it this far without him.

I KEEP MYSELF FOCUSED AND BUSY. Staying focused is easy enough. But staying busy is the key. I would much rather keep myself busy with life, instead focusing on the negative. Focusing on the cancer lets it win, it gives it power. It is not going to win, therefore I don’t give myself time to focus on it. My family and I are trying to live a normal life while living with this. Which is difficult when I have no idea how long my fight will be.

My boys are my life and my reason. I am staying focused on their happiness. That is why I keep working my businesses, to help support my family. Which gives me more to focus on, and less time to dwell.

Our air conditioner went out today, and it’s hot in Texas! Plus, I have missed my treatments because I no longer have health insurance. I was supposed to get images done this weekend in Houston, but I can’t afford the trip. Seems like it just one thing after another but that’s life. It’s difficult to stay away from the stress when it never ends. So I deal with it the best I can and keep moving on.

Thank you for reading and for your support!



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