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A Pampered Wedding Shower

A Wedding Shower by The Pampered Chef by Amanda Krysa

The couple-to-be gets a shopping spree based on sales. (Department stores will not reward the couple with free merchandise just for having the registry with them.)

Convenient for everyone

Instant feedback from the couple

I am there to compliment the wedding shower

Inspire friends and loved ones to make that favorite dish again

Quality products that will last a long time.

Personalized website link and graphics to share

Fun, food, friends and more food!


The Wedding Registry is available to look through in the Trifle Bowl. I take the registry list and attach it to a ‘flower’ so everyone can pick their own bouquet of gifts for the couple. This has been received quite well and seems to be the most convenient when the house is full! Of course, the couple will have their own personalized link where anyone can shop for the couple if they are unable to to attend, or maybe would like to have their list completed before they arrive.

I also provide a new white apron for the Bride and Groom. The couple’s friends can write on the apron about a funny or embarrassing memory, or give the couple a memorable recipe. Whatever you write, it will be with them forever. Now for the fun part; the couple has to read them aloud to their guests, this is hysterical!

Your wedding shower should be memorable and fun. Less work for everyone when I am in charge, because I can send recipes to in-laws and they will bring them without any questions 😉

This idea takes the guess work out for your guests so they can just come and have fun at the your shower. I can do an online party for you so you just share the link and your friends go shopping!

Thanks for reading!


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