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Cancer Superheroes

I am excited to say that my story was recently featured on Flatland KC. I was asked by Lindsey Foat, reporter for KCPT, if I would answer a couple questions after the show aired. I was able to meet Lindsey at KCPT, she contacted me after my story was shared with Cancer in KC. Lindsey has been so amazing in listening to all these amazing cancer stories, and she has done a fabulous job of helping cancer patients tell their stories. I am proud to have met her, she has a real talent for making everyone understand this cancer fight. She has been supportive and uplifting for me, and so many others.

So here we go:
1) Why is it important to you to share your cancer story and journey with others?
I feel it is extremely important to share my story about my cancer journey for many reasons. First and foremost, it makes me feel better when I can talk about it. It’s important to let cancer patients know that they are not alone. It’s also therapeutic for the person telling, and the person listening. When you hear about all the struggles and pain, it can put your life into perspective. Life isn’t about having the latest gadgets or the biggest house, and my story has been simply humbling to many. I have been told how eye-opening my fight blog is, and how much courage it has helped people find in themselves. Which means I have reached my goals of putting myself out there so others can see that the “c” word doesn’t have to mean your life is over. Because I feel my life has just begun, and I have been battling since 2010. I will continue to tell my story, always, as cancer is not for the weak and the negative. Talking about it keeps you positive.
2) Is it helpful to you to read or listen to others cancer stories?
It is very helpful to hear other cancer stories, and be able to relate to them. Cancer patients are all superhero’s and they all have an epic story to tell. Everyone has something to learn from each cancer story, they are all amazing. I have plans to write a book of cancer stories, like cancer stories for the soul. Cancer or not, it’s something that everyone should hear.
You should read all the amazing stories on Cancer in KC, and be inspired to check on the fighter in your life. Call them, bring them food, shoot them a text… do whatever you can do to let them know you are there and thinking of them. They are superheroes, in the middle of a battle with the villian and saving their own world.

Thank you for you support and for reading!

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