Dirty Details of Cancer

Cancer in KC: ‘I will win this for everyone.’

I was contacted by KCPT and invited to be on the show Tell KC. They were interested in finding out why I travel for treatment when there are several cancer center here in the area.

I was already scheduled to be KU downtown for a preoperative appointment that day, and Shawn was planning to come with me. So it was perfect that the show is in the evening. I got to spend half the day with my husband, even if it was at the hospital.
So we hung out, actually spoke to one another without interruptions! Looked at a few shops in between time, and then went to KCPT.

First I had to get my pic with a couple of my favorite celebs!



Next, we all introduced ourselves and told our stories. We had to write 6 words about our cancer journey.


Then we went to the studio and Nick Haines already knew my story.  He asked if he could call upon me to quickly talk about why I have to travel for treatment.


I was happy to see that the panel agreed that it is important to get lots of opinions, and that it’s important to feel comfortable in your care.

Watch it here!

Huge thanks to KCPT for allowing me to tell my story on PBS.


Watch it again
Sunday, April 5, 01:00 pm on 19.1
Tuesday, April 7, 07:00 pm on 19.2
Tuesday, April 7, 10:00 pm on 19.2
Wednesday, April 8, 01:00 am on 19.2



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