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My eye is on the prize.

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Because my appointments were Thanksgiving weekend, it worked out that we could celebrate turkey day with my dad. I flew by myself to Dallas Love Field, with Wings of Hope. As you can see from my last post, the holiday traveling season is in full form. But when I arrived in TX it was 65 degrees and I had just left 24 degrees, so I was pretty happy! Shawn drove the boys down, they have a great time making memories on those long trips. The boys are dying to fly but we can’t afford to buy plane tickets each time. Shawn has the trip down, so they are used to stopping at the same places. Plus, they wear their matching baseball shirts so they can’t get lost.


amanda krysa, amanda's fight, social dragonflyThis Thanksgiving was perfect! It was pretty and warm outside, and I got to lay out by the pool. And my Dad bought a fire pit so we could sit by the fire. We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows, plus we made apple pies on the fire, YUM! I also made a turkey, gluten free stuffing, green beans, baked beans, mashed potatoes, gluten free bread, and Grandma Lucille’s cranberry salad. Delish!


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After Thanksgiving, we went to downtown Grapevine, TX and checked out the farmer’s market, and got my dad some honey roasted pecans, and tangerines. Plus we got some tomatoes, grapes, honey, and apples. We checked out some shops, and enjoyed the holiday music and festivities. It was such a pretty day.

amanda krysa, amandas fight, social dragonflyThe next day we spent the day playing with the boys, took them to the park and had lunch. That evening, Shawn and I drove to Houston Medical Center and passed out in the hotel. I had appointments early the next day. We got up at 630 am to get my port accessed for the CT and scans. We were done by dinner time, and starving. We went to Galveston Beach for dinner, it was gorgeous and just what the doctor ordered. We sat at East Beach for a few hours, then went to the Strand to get the boys some stocking stuffers from La King’s Confectionery. It’s been there since 1912 and it’s the cutest little soda shop. They make their own salt water taffy. Then to Galvez Hotel for a drink (it’s our favorite place), we love the haunted ambiance and the beautiful ocean view. Finally dinner, and back to the hotel. It was so nice to spend the day with my husband, I feel we haven’t seen each other in forever. He is my rock, and I owe my life to my sweet adoring husband.

The next morning we got up at 530 am for a 6 am bone scan dose and port access. I slept at the hospital until 8 am, then they called me in for the bone scan. They did a scan and saw something on my left chest so they asked for more scans. Then to Dr. Litton’s office, who was watching my scans as they were being done, and it was all good. She couldn’t wait to come in and tell me that another lesion has disappeared!! The lesion that appeared in August on my right is not showing on the scans! YES!! I had 18 radiation treatments to that arm in October. I still have some lesions all over my pelvic bone, spine and femur. But I have more hope than ever that I will win!! It’s a fantastic feeling, and such a huge weight lifted.

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Thank you all for your support over the last four years, I can’t even begin to tell you all how amazing it feels to know I have so many people pulling for me. I WILL BE CANCER FREE!



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