Dirty Details of Cancer

To the guy at the Southwest airport counter.

Preston and Jordan took me to the airport!

Trust me. The very last thing I want to is go to the ticket counter after I’ve gone through the security nightmare during the Thanksgiving holiday. But I am following my doctors orders and asking for a pre-boarding pass and wearing my mask in order to save what’s left of my immune system.
You sir, did not even listen to my mask covered face when I explained my situation. I have never had a problem before today as far as Southwest being accommodating with a flight from Wings of Hope. You told me that I didn’t look like a I had a physical ailment that henders me from getting down the ramp. Therefore, you said no. I explained that this is my doctors wish and that they would happily send you a letter. But you refused that also.
Just then, a co-worker of yours walked up. This is when you finally said “unless this is about your health, I can’t help you.” Uuhhhm….. YES IT IS!! What exactly did you think we’ve been discussing???
So I finally got a pre-boarding pass after I fought back a few tears. How are people so heartless?
Wow. I guess the happy holiday season is upon us. I feel bad for all other cancer patients who have to deal with such disgusting treatment from this very unhappy person.
I hope that will be all the negativity for the rest of this trip.

Be nice to everyone you come in contact with because you have no idea what a person might be going through, Mr. Mean. 🙂


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