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I will not give up.

This trip has really crept up on me this time. I’ve been busy fundraising, planning 5 yr old birthday party(s), doctor appointments, and work. I’m exhausted. I have gotten a flight from Wings of Hope and my dear friend Virginia is helping with hotel points, she’s such a huge support. Our awesome babysitter is taking care of our pets: Otis the dog, Dempsey the cat, Lizzy the lizard and the fish tank. And she is taking me to the airport and putting Preston on the bus while I am gone. She is a rock star! I miss them so much already. So I still need to clean, cook and pack.

I should have results this Monday. I have a good feeling that my scans and tests will show less cancer this time, and I will beat this! I never knew how strong I was until I was put in this position. I’m pretty damn strong by now, and I know how to beat it. It’s just taking some time because the nutrition and ingredients I should be eating on a regular basis, is hard to find in the middle of the country. Plus, it’s expensive. But it’s my life, so I will continue to eat the best I can. Your body only has what you give it, so if you give it junk, it’s going to catch up with you. It hurts me so much to see my friends with cancer and survivors still driving through McDonald’s, it’s like a death wish. So I hope I can help others see what they doing to themselves. Eat local, home grown, organic and no genetically modified foods. I will post about how I shop another time, but it’s not difficult at all if you plan to be well and live well. And, it shouldn’t matter how difficult it is, because it’s your life!! I totally and completely blame GMO’s on my cancer. I do not have any other of the 16 genes that are connected to breast cancer or bone cancer. Our bodies do not know what to do with a genetically modified organism, and over time it causes diseases. Know your food.

Thank you all who have supported my fight over last 4 years. It means so much to my family and me. It gives me the strength to keep going, when I know I have so many people sending positive thoughts and sharing my story. I have been given the tall task of helping others beat this, but I have to beat it first! Are you all with me??

Off to pack.

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