Amanda's Fight Blog

Temperature is dropping fast!

So… it’s 67 degrees right now but it will be 10 degrees by 3am. Everyone is acting crazy coming off a full moon and now this artic blast coming. Emotional, angry and extra sensitive. My 4 year old has been having crying fits for absolutely no reason. People are driving like idiots. And people are seriously overreacting to things that are totally out of their hands.
For me, the pressure of the blast is making my bones hurt. They feel like metal, so cold. The winter is rough for me and it’s supposed to be a really bad one this year. I am not able to do alot in the winter so I will be focused on making my soaps and doing yoga. I’m also getting more orders for wreaths and busy with social media. I leave in a few weeks for treatment, so I’m planning that right now.

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