Why can’t we do more HEALTHY things for fundraisers?

This is something that has been upsetting me for quite a while. I am always raising money for my own treatments,  well as American Cancer Society and others that represent the patient. But I disagree with these products who are slapping a ribbon on their chemicals, and making a killing. We have no idea if those companies are getting the amount they are promised, and they take a cut of their percentage before they give!

Look , I know it’s difficult to find ways to raise money. I am forever thinking of ways. But these chemical-laden products with pink ribbons, and pub crawls?? Is it really that hard for people to see that drinking 80 grams of sugar in 3 gulps or drinking at 20 bars is no where near healthy?
Raising money for cancer should not be about drinking until you puke. Trust me,  as a cancer patient and I’ve done my fair share of throwing up! So, I don’t want to find out that people are doing this to themselves on purpose, in my name. Do something positive and healthy to raise money. Because isn’t that what it’s all about?? Being well?

We can do a project warmth, people can bring coats and blankets, sell hot chocolate and have a donation bucket.
Or a vendor event, fundraiser dinner, a BBQ, ect. Even have a plant swap in the spring or fall; bring your bushes and bulbs from your landscapes to swap out and take donations there. There are plenty of ways to help cancer research without giving ourselves cancer in the process!


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