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Take Aim

amandas fight, amanda krysaFinished a third round of radiation.  Wow. Never thought I would be here. Here, meaning a couple of different things. I never thought I would be going through radiation for a third time because by now, I should have beat it! I also wanted to believe I wouldn’t approve anymore radiation because it’s a terrible treatment, but this time my right humerus was on the verge of a fracture. I was advised not to lift anything at all, and do not bump my arm, or be in public where I could potentially be bumped and cause a fracture. So I decided to do what? Have a holiday vendor show,  do the ACS walk, go to the Chiefs game and a do a  54th Street fundraiser. Yeah, tell me to slow down and I push harder, can’t help it. There are still some companies that are asking to do fundraisers going forward. It’s a lot of work to get help, and I am always and forever working!!

The gals at Kansas City Cancer Center are so sweet. They are calling to check me after chemo and radiation at the same time. I have radiation burns and I am very tired. I’ve taken naps the last 2 Saturdays after the ACS walk and after Halloween I was wiped! I never take naps so my body must have needed it! The harder things get, the harder I push. They decorated my certificate to cheer me up because I had both treatment and radiation that day. I wasn’t feeling well at all, my face is puffy from crying.

I have an ECHO angiogram scheduled next Thursday to check on the holes in my heart. I was born with an atrial defect, but chemo also caused a second hole in the left atrium. This causes dizzy spells, and heart palpitations. I never know if I’m having an anxiety attack or if it the side effects of chemo. Hoping it’s looking better.

The boys are home from school today for voters day. I’m working on holiday wreaths now for a holiday craft fair on Saturday, and I have a fundraiser on Sunday. Then I have an ECHO on Thursday afternoon, and  Wildtree Freezer Meal Workshop on Thursday evening.

I go back to MD Anderson on Thanksgiving weekend. Thank you all for your kind thoughts and support. It’s so much easier knowing I have so many people in my corner to beat this!!

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