Dirty Details of Cancer

Good Days. Bad Days. Cancer Days.

Today is definitely a Cx day. I’m on my third round of radiation, 10th treatment. Yesterday I had both chemo and radiation, and today I am not feeling well. Having a lot of pain at the shot sites and the radiation site. My bones hurt so bad from the Faslodex which is a bone strengthening medication. It is supposed to keep the bones less hospitable for the tumors. It is 1 shot in each hip, and for some reason it hurt much more than normal, all the way down my leg.

After I had my shots I went to over to get zapped in radiation. When I got off the table, there was blood all over the sheet. The nurse started looking all over me for blood and it was my left hip, where the shot was. So I went back over to infusion to have her look at it because it was bleeding and much more painful than usual. She cleaned and said she must have hit a nerve. It continued to hurt all night and I haven’t slept. It still hurts now. Plus I have huge knots on my hips where the medicine is sitting.

I go back for radiation today, I’ve been there everyday for the past 3 weeks. I will show them when I go. I also made an appointment with my massage therapist, so Shawn is leaving work early to take me to all my appointments. And the boys are playing at friends houses this afternoon because it’s a half day at school.

My bones feel like metal, especially when it starts to get cold outside. I can barely move my neck when I feel like this. I have been using hemp oil on my spine and it helps to dull the sharp pain. But I only have the little bit that my friend Estephana gave me, and it’s expensive. So I try not to use it unless I am close to taking Aleve. I absolutely despise taking pills and I will wait until I can’t stand the pain before I will actually take something. The only pill that I try to actually remember is Arimidex which is a hormone blocker. I need a hormone blocker because this cancer is hormone fed. So I stay away from all dairy and most meats to be sure I am not ingesting any extra hormones.

I would love to do some yoga poses because it helps, but I am in too much pain to move at all. Taking it easy today.

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