Amanda’s Fight!

Thank you Melissa for your kind words, and for being a part of my fight. Melissa is a fabulous friend and huge support of my fight!!

From Brags to Riches

This past weekend, I was honored to help in the Pink Stockings Shopping Event to support Amanda’s Fight! It was truly humbling to see complete strangers helping woman they didn’t know.  Amanda is currently battling Stage IV Breast Cancer. It has been a long, 4-year fight for Amanda and her family. A battle that has been hard for everyone, yet Amanda keeps smiling. She is one of the most positive women I have ever met. I know she is going to win this fight. The amount of love an support that she is surrounded with, reminds me how important it is to help others.  You never know what someone is fighting. You can make a difference.

Educating people on toxins in our food and care products is just another amazing thing that Amanda contributes to this life on a daily basis. The more we know, the more we can try to prevent this disease…

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