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Look How Far I’ve Come

Today marks 4 years since my original diagnosis of stage 3b invasive ductal carcinoma. I’ve had people tell me they were going to be at my funeral in a years time. I am still fighting, as 2 years ago I was re-staged to 4, it has metastasized to my bones and spine. When I was re-diagnosed, I decided I needed a real cancer center dedicated to my specific diagnosis. I asked my docs and nurses where to go and everyone said M.D. Anderson is amazing and they have cured so many stage 4 breast cancer patients. So that was where I decided to go, and I have a doctor who is pinpointed to my specific age and diagnosis. And I truly believe they have kept me alive for this long, the care is absolutely fabulous. I have to travel every 3 months for scans and treatment. They have opened my eyes to genetically modified foods and how dangerous they are. I was always organic, but I wasn’t aware of how it goes so much deeper. I feel better than ever and I know I am going to win!

In 2010, I was postpartum and nursing our second son. I went to bed after pumping milk, and woke up a few hours later having pain in my left arm. It was cold, and numb, like it was asleep. But after 15 minutes, it was not going away. So I figured I had a clogged milk duct and got in the shower at 3 am. I tried to massage it out, but as I continued, it started turning colors. That morning I called my O.B. and made an appointment for that afternoon. I assumed I would get a script for mastitis and be on my way. But Dr. Amsterdam only needed to look for a few seconds to see that it was more than a clogged duct. She sent me to diagnostics immediately for a mammo and sonogram. I had the baby with me and it was our older son’s kindergarten year, he was getting off the bus in 45 minutes! I had to call my neighbor to get him off the bus. Then waited in diagnostics for 30 minutes before they explained that a radiologist and a sonogram tech would not be able to be scheduled together for a week out! So I waited a week, like I had a choice. No one in KC area could accommodate.

I was totally against mammograms because it’s radiation, and usually it can’t detect anything in a younger person because tissue is much more dense. So I asked that we only do a sonogram, but we ended up needing both. I had to wait 2 days. My O.B. called me and told me it was advanced stage cancer. She explained that she was in the breast center telling them that she delivered both our boys, and that she was going to be the one who called me with this news. That really meant to so much to me that it was Dr. Amsterdam that called with this news and not someone I had just met. We recently ran into Dr. Amsterdam at Target, she was so happy to see her boys!

I have to travel to Houston every 3 months for scans and treatment, which means I am constantly breaking my back to raise funds for these trips. Here is my event info, just click the picture to go to the site.

social dragonfly, art by Amanda Krysa

We will have Sarpino’s Pizza for sale, Yankee Candle Company, lots of vendors, a bake sale, a kids corner, cash raffles and prizes. Please stop by and support me! Thank you so much for sharing my blog posts.

They found more cancer in my right arm on Friday, and I had treatment on Friday and again yesterday. I am super nauseous and have been getting sick since Sunday night. I ended up needing a saline drip because I was so dehydrated from getting sick. Today I am still feeling yucky but much better. Your support keeps me going!! Thank you.





4 thoughts on “Look How Far I’ve Come

  1. Amanda, you have the most beautiful soul I have ever met. You gave me guidance and helped me in my dad’s fight against cancer. Though we lost him September 1st, I am deeply grateful to have met you. You have made an impact on me and I will continue to pray for you. Keep up your fight because you know you have an amazing support system at home and elsewhere. Go get ’em girl!!!!


  2. Hi Amanda,

    I work on the MD Anderson website and I was wondering if you’d be interested in sharing your story. Your writing is wonderful and I know our readers would relate. If so, please email me at I hope you feel better soon. Thanks so much,
    Kellie Bramlet
    MD Anderson Cancer Center
    Communications specialist


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