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Battles in life, big or small, they are still real.

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Well, as you know by now, I am an open book. I am that way, because I want to help people understand what a person living with cancer goes through. Being that I am always telling my story, I am so tired of talking. I want to listen, but no one feels like they can talk to me about their own problems. Everyone is so sweet, they always preface with “not that it compares to what you are going through.” But it’s still very real and valid to you, my friend.

I feel as friends, you should be able to complain about something silly (like the insanity of parenthood) to each other because that’s what they are for. Of course life equals problems. When those problems are valid enough to upset you, then it’s real. So I guess I am saying, there is no win or lose in hanging out and chatting about our lives, it’s therapeutic. So next time you are complaining, just remember you aren’t offending me, you are releasing stress.

I love finding positives in the things we naturally do on a daily basis. It’s easier to like yourself when you don’t have to feel bad about every little thing.


I hope to see you all at my fundraiser coming up in a couple of weeks!

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