Dirty Details of Cancer

Going to War… again.

Fundraising for my trip for treatment.

Well, I leave for treatment in a couple of days. It’s been a long month of fundraising. I just can’t keep doing this each time. I’m so tired, and I haven’t even started getting ready to go. It’s even harder when you feel like you aren’t getting anywhere. But I have my boys to fight for and that’s more than worth it. I have my 5 friends that are consistently sharing my posts; Gina, Marsha, Virginia, Monique, and Melissa. THANK YOU! If you can’t donate, you can still SHARE. Thank you in advance!

amanda krysa, always fight, end cancer, dirty details of cancer



I have set up a online garage sale fundraiser. I have set up a fundraiser site, that goes with the garage sale. The seller donates the item and the buyer makes donation for the item! I also have a Team with Making Strides in Kansas City. So I’m working my tail off, and I need your help!

My tests start early Sunday morning and I’ll be there most of the day. Then back in at 5am on Monday morning. I’ve been having so much pain lately. So ready for good news and good scans!

I’m trying to get past this sad feeling I have, but it keeps lingering. I’m sad that my family doesn’t share when I post my fundraisers. Sad that I’ve been questioned in that regard. It’s actually a very legitimate question: Why isn’t your family helping or sharing? Sad that someone had to ask in this time in my life, and that I have to explain myself. But why don’t they share and post it their walls? It’s all online which means geography is not an issue. Are they mad that I’m still here? I feel like I wasn’t supposed to be here this long and everyone has forgotten about me. Shawn has had family members tell him that they will be here for him after I’m gone. Touching isn’t it?

I have always looked up to the children battling disease, if they can do it so can I. But they don’t have to worry about paying the bills, and where the money is going to come from… just as no one else does for me either. I am taking care of kids, running my businesses and living at the docs offices between trying to write a book and help others in this same lonely battle. But even now, staring at stage 4 cancer, I have hope. If you have hope please help my fight.

amanda krysa, always fight, end cancer, dirty details of cancer


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