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5 Tips for a fabulous Facebook Party!

So you read 5 Tips to a Successful Party, blasted the event on all your social platforms, then you sent a textgram to everyone in your phone. All that took about 20 minutes. Now you have RSVP’s!! How excited are you to be getting all this free stuff, just for playing on Facebook! And you didn’t even have to clean your house or get a sitter! That’s a no-brainer! The best part… your guests can join in the fun from any device!


Now you have all your guests RSVP’d on the event, it’s time to get them excited about your party! We will decide on a weeknight, and a time to do your POWER HOUR! During the power hour, I will post fun tips, recipes, play games and give away prizes. This will generate the bulk of your orders because they win the product with a purchase! It goes by fast, and it’s a blast!

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After the Party

Post in the event thanking everyone for stopping by and partying with us Facebook style! The day after the party, send a personal message with the link, to anyone who RSVP’d and hasn’t ordered yet. Again, just write a general message and then personalize it with their name, then copy’paste to save time. This will grab a few more orders that you would have normally missed.

That’s it! Now let’s have a fabulous Facebook or Google Plus party!

Next week, I will talk more about making games and pictures that will capture your guests!

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