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5 Tips for Hosting a Successful Party!

Hosting a party or thinking of planning a party? But you don’t know if you can get your peeps to come? Remember, everyone is busy. Think about what happens when you get an invite; if you’re in the middle of something when you get that notification, you’ll forget all about it. Which means you need to blast the event for 3 weeks prior. Or as long as you have before the event!

I have been an Independent Sales Artist since I was 14 years old. I know how to get people to a party, and these tips will help you whether it’s a live party, or a virtual party! As your Social Media Artist, I can also navigate you through anything you may not know how to do. Because as your consultant, we will have the most successful party for you! Let’s get you some free stuff!!

Social Dragonfly by Amanda Krysa, #amandacooksforyou


That’s it! You can do all this from your phone, when you are sitting in traffic, or at work. Type out a general PM and copy/paste. Then add names and personal details to each one to make it more genuine. Remember, I make all my hosts a textgram to shoot out to everyone in your phone. Because¬†that reminder the hostess sent out a few days before was necessary, or you would have forgotten!!

Next Week: I’ll talk more about a “Power Hour” and how important it is for sales!!


I also offer classes for direct sales and small business! My next class is here.

Thanks! Please comment with your successes!!


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