Dirty Details of Cancer

Conventional weapons and mere mortals cannot destroy me…

cancer mom, amanda krysa, always fightI’m still trying to get back into the groove of things, but it’s slow going. Four days in the hospital all because of the bone lesions causing pain and swelling in my hip-joint. But they had a lot to rule out, and I went through quite a bit of painful tests and prodding. I’m happy to be home. Thank you to all who came to visit me in the hospital, it really helps me stay positive 🙂

Now the orthopedic surgeon is looking at putting a metal rod in my hip and femur to prevent a break. With active bone lesions, a break would not heal, causing sepsis. But I will wait to see my doc in Houston before I go making any decisions. I definitely would not like a rod in my leg.

Being in the hospital gave me a lot of time to reflect on my entire life, and all that I’ve gone through. After going through being raised by an alcoholic, left on my own for days as a small child, several auto accidents, a lot of moves, and surviving the last 4 years… I know without a shadow of a doubt, I will beat this. Conventional weapons and mortals cannot destroy me, and neither will cancer. I’ve come too far, I have too much to do. And  when I beat this, I want to help others beat cancer.

Now, I’m focusing on raising funds for my next trip. I’m making wreaths for Independence Day!

cancer mom, amanda's essentials, always fight, amanda krysa



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