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Off to battle

dirtydetailsofcancer, amadakrysa, mommywithcancerBeen in the hospital for a few days while they try to figure out what is wrong. My holistic doc came to visit me today and did some work on me, which helped so much. I’ve been on the table, gurney and this hospital bed for 4 days. My poor husband has been sleeping on a cot next to me, and my kids have been shuffled from house to house. It’s very difficult to deal with on top of being in the hospital. I miss my boys terribly.

Hoping they figure it out soon and I can leave. They’ve done 2 MRI’s, ultrasound, x-rays, and bone scan. They’ve ruled out a lot but still not sure what is causing so much pain. And nausea and swelling is palpable. The pain meds make me sick and aren’t helping the pain, unless it’s just that bad. But I’m fighting as hard as I ever did!




2 thoughts on “Off to battle

  1. Saying some extra prayers for you this morning. Miss having your smiling face at our booth!
    Hope they find some answers soon!


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