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Homemade Iced Pine Tea

A great way to show your kids how Farm-to-Table works, without owning a garden!! This is also a great way to get the kids outside this summer, and away from the video games and junk food!

I got tired of waiting for my mint to dry, and I looked over at the dried up xmas tree by our brush pile. I took the dried pine from our tree, washed it and steeped it in boiling water. Its really really good! Made iced tea with some honey today and Preston likes it too. It looks bright yellow, like Gatorade. Im easily excited I guess. But now I’ve decided I need to make some pine tea soap, it smells really good with lemon and honey!

I hope you enjoy. Full of vitamin C, a natural immnue booster. And it’s also used for anti-septic properties.

*Pine Needles

*Lemon slices

* Honey (as desired)

* 4 cups boiling water

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1. Walk around the park or even your own backyard to find pine trees. Take some clippers with you to cut 5 or 6 pieces off. Wash in vinegar and water.

2. Boil fresh pine needles for 20 minutes and strain.

3. Add lemon slices and honey to a glass pitcher, pour strained tea over. Let cool.

4. Pour over ice and serve!



1. Dry needles outside for a day or two, or in a 175 oven for 1.5 – 2hrs.

2. Take dried pine needles and lemon, put into a piece of cloth. Tie with rubber band. Or use a loose tea steeper if you have one.

3. Put into glass pitcher. Pour boiling water over and add honey.

5. Steep until cool. Remove tea bag and pour over ice. Enjoy!




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