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It’s all about the good stuff.

Right now, in my life, it’s all about the good stuff. I am so over worrying about who said what about me. Think what you want, I know I haven’t done anything to deserve it. So it’s cool because it’s about my amazing husband, my adorable little boys, and my wonderful friends. It’s time to make memories, and make a better effort to document all my encounters with my friends. It’s funny how we go through life thinking there will always be more time. Not that I plan to go anywhere!! But, if I had a magic lamp, I would ask for more time on all 3 wishes, before any dollar amount. Playing in the garden with my boys does not have a price on it. Singing and playing guitar with my husband does not have a price on it. And hanging out with friends around the fire pit does not have a price on it. I am just ready to do everything and make memories, because in the end, that’s all we have left!

I have had people tell me how they are surpised that they don’t hear me complain about my side-effects, or just living with cancer in general. I cope with it by not focusing on it. Therefore, I don’t like to broadcast it every time I have pain, it’s just more painful to acknowledge it. I would rather everyone think I’m in no pain at all, than to complain every other hour on Facebook. I honestly don’t like reading sad posts, so I don’t want to put that out there… The pain and negativity is just not my style. But I do update Facebook when I have a treatment, and my trips to M.D. Anderson. I always try stay positive, or just stating facts. Positivity is key, and don’t give up hope!

The worst can really bring out the best in people. I have had strangers step up to help that I’m never even going to meet, and I am astounded by the generosity. I plan to continue to pay it forward by telling everyone about the Dirty Details of Cancer. It really is helping people to know that others are in the same boat. I am so thrilled to meet people from all over the world with my diagnosis. I’m not a fan of calling it a “Bucket List”, I like “Life List” 🙂  I am done telling myself “I’ll do that one day.” Don’t wait until something happens to you, to start doing those things on your list. It’s time to do it all, and live happily.


Thank you so much for reading!


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