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This is about the time when I get nervous…



I always start to get jittery about a week or so before I leave for treatment. How will the tests go? Hopefully it won’t hurt so bad this time. And thinking about the preparation before we leave is exhausting. Packing the boys to stay somewhere. Grocery shop and make meals for them. Clean the house so Gina won’t have to pet sit in a dirty house, tee hee. 😉 Pack and travel, finances. It takes me a few days to bounce back from the trip, but I’ve been coming back with no new tumor growth for over a year. So they must be doing something right! It’s so stressful to wait for results.

But one thing I am so grateful to not have to worry about on this trip, is funding. I am just so astounded by the generosity on my Give Forward site! We are more than halfway there now! I wanted to specially thank everyone who has made the planning of this trip possible! My Dad, Donna Means, The Bossolono’s, The Hosick Family, The Niday Family, The Luke Family, my sister Lori Hendrix,  Joanne Yoder, The Brewer Family, Robert Lavalette, Dan Manley, The Lee Family, The Thompson Family, The Freidlys, Karl Ehlers, The Seay Family, The Spaldings and more I’m missing. And to everyone who have been sharing my links!! I am so deeply thankful to you!!! Please share my story, it just takes a few secs and it will make a huge difference.

When planning the trip, we try to use the discounted lodging help through American Cancer Society. But the hotels that participate in the program, wait until the week of my appointments to tell me if they have a room. So I always have to book a room anyway, then cancel if we get the lodging help. We never know exactly where we will be until a few days before. It’s a good thing I’m still able to do things for myself, I don’t know how cancer patients do this. It’s exhausting. But it has to be done so we soldier on!

It’s also difficult to eat the way I need to be eating to beat this, while traveling. I’ve said this before, I feel like an ingredient snob, and people make me feel that way when I have to turn things down. But I have to stay as close to nature as possible, or I’m not going to be able to fight. So we try to go to the farmer’s market and cook in the hotel room. Which is a highlight for me, I absolutely love the farmer’s market! They feed you, plus it’s organic and inexpensive. Another highlight is driving over to the beach, no matter what time of year, it’s 45 min away. Donna and I have sat on the beach in December the last two years, just what the doctor ordered.

Some of you know the crazy things that have happened to us on these trips, like when Donna lost the car keys in Houston. Ha ha!! Or when my alternator went out on the highway at night in the rain, no headlights! Or when Shawn and I were totally ran over by a bike messenger, he had gashes in his arms and back from shielding me. Or a speeding ticket that still won’t die. Lots of strange things happen when we travel. Everyone thinks it’s their bad luck, but I’m the common denominator so I’m probably the bad luck.

It’s always a bittersweet ending in many ways when we leave. Besides the warmer weather and better hospital facilities, it’s the peace I feel in their care. I know it sounds like a commercial. But when I know that I have people that are experienced in my diagnosis specifically, it makes it so much easier. I’m just calmer there.

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