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Your body only has what you give it.

It seems all we ever read and hear about anymore is how “they” don’t want you to know. They don’t want you to know that apricot seed has B17 which has great cancer fighting benefits. It’s a seed people, you’re telling me you’ve never heard of seeds being beneficial? It’s a little ridiculous to see how the media victimizes the masses by saying “they don’t want us to know.” I’m pretty sure that any information you could possibly want is at our fingertips these days, we are not victims! But society would rather just be told what to do instead of thinking for themselves. Victims have no control, as a whole we do have plenty of control. Too bad they know that most of the US is malnourished so most brains are not firing correctly, which means no one will think outside that picture someone posted on Facebook.

I honestly believe the in rise the crazy shootings, kidnappings and murders are due to a continuous lack of nutrition. Yes it sounds extreme but it makes all kinds of sense when you look at it. Just think about when children haven’t eaten, they get mean or hard to deal with. I’ve also noticed that my kids have a very long attention span next to the majority. People are always so impressed with how well they stay focused and I know it’s because I only feed them from the earth. No additives, preservatives, only organic produce and meat.

Just because they are telling us that we’re not supposed to know, doesn’t mean you pretend like it’s not there. I agree that some prescriptions are necessary, but east has to meet west and that is where a lot of people don’t agree. I’ve had family members get very angry with me for seeing a holistic doctor alongside my oncologist. But I wouldn’t be here today if I hadn’t gone, and anyone that knows me would wholeheartedly agree. My body does not do well with prescriptions, I tried very hard for the first year of my diagnosis to comply with the docs treatment plan, and I almost died. No exaggeration. Treatment strips the body of everything, and I needed treatments that replenish. It was hard for me to understand why I was being chastised for trying to beat this and feel better, because I know there are holistic cancer centers out there. I just can’t afford it.

cancer fighting foods, always fight, breast cancer, end cancerBecause there is no money in things that come from nature, people think it has no value. This is where this country goes wonky. The most valuable things in life are not tangible at all. So why can’t something like the natural essential frankincense oils be believed as healing, and looked at as invaluable? I think it’s invaluable because it has the highest antibacterial properties, pain relieving benefits, detox the lymphatics, and even good for anxiety. They use frankincense in the port to cure cancer in Greece. I use it to cure my airplane colds within 24 hrs and stop it before it gets worse, and I put it in the humidifier to clean the air. Of course they would rather you go to the doc who gets a kickback from a high number of pharm’s. A lot of general practitioners only read the side effects about the drug, and then start prescribing it. I know for a fact this happens, I’ve witnessed this quite a bit over the last 4 years. Ask your GP a question about the drug and they’ll say “your pharmacist will be able to answer any questions you might have about this drug.” Because they don’t take the time to read. I’m sorry, pretty sure docs make plenty of money as it is, kickbacks are unnecessary as well as down right disgusting. The FDA will not approve a certain mushroom here, even though it has been 100% proven to cure breast cancer. Any why? The pharmaceutical companies rule the U.S., that’s why.

This bring me to why I absolutely love my doctor in Houston. She wants me to see holistic docs and do things naturally at home, because she knows a happy patient is a healthy patient. She isn’t a pill pusher because it causes more issues and side effects. She always says, “why would you take a pill that is going to make you have to take another one?” Meaning: the doc gives you meds for an ailment but it has side effects, so now you need more meds to counteract what the first pill did! That doesn’t seem smart at all. When I first went to see Dr. Litton, she took me off of everything my doc here had put me on (even though I was refusing to take it), while saying exactly that. She has really mad me feel like she cares. She calls my cell phone and checks on me. anyone that doesn’t think your doctor doesn’t need to be your friend is highly incorrect. If your doctor isn’t someone you can get along with, how will your mind ever be open enough to accept the doctor care? I am worried I will not get down there this time, I am too tired to keep raising money for trips on my own. And we just can’t afford childcare, car rental, food, gas, ect. It’s hard knowing I can’t go because I need that reassurance badly. Not too many people around here accept my natural ways.

Most of us have an allergy these days, whether we want to address it or not. Your head gets congested, you can’t blow anything out and your ears are popping. People call this ‘allergies’ when they usually just need to eliminate something(s) like gluten, soy or dairy from their diets. Instead, they buy an anti-histamine which blocks the symptoms, but they are still there and when ignored can turn into something pretty bad over time. I’ve seen a 32-year-old woman lose most of her colon because she would rather eat what she wasn’t supposed to. Really?? I’ve even seen diabetes reversed by eliminating gluten. And a lot of these allergies are from genetically modified foods because our bodies don’t know what to do with it. It’s like eating paper, totally foreign. So we have more food allergies and a spiking increase in ailments. We can actually see this on a timeline from when they started processing GMO’s in the 60’s. More cancer, more sickness, more ailments. I always picture the wicked witch rubbing her hands together and saying, “The better to hurt you with, my pretty!” because she’s there waiting with a pretty new prescription bottle for ya.

Besides GMO’s, the farms pick produce early to get it out to the masses before it expires. This doesn’t allow for the produce to mature with the nutrients we think we’re getting. For example, wheat is always harvested before it flowers, and it’s at highest gluten point right before it flowers. After it flowers, the gluten is extremely low. My cousin buys “Flowered Flour” because he is unable to breathe with the full gluten in his system. My husband rarely touches his inhaler now, before we met he hit that thing every hour. My boys also can’t breathe when they get gluten and dairy. My whole family has this issue, which brings up another point: Is it so crazy to believe that maybe we aren’t genetically passing down cancer or diabetes, maybe we are just passing the food intolerance’s down? 

Bottom line, your body only has what you put in it to work with. So when you come up with an upset tummy or eczema, look at what you’ve eaten. I challenge everyone to try an elimination diet for nothing else but to feel amazing! Once you take everything out besides organic meats and produce, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it before. I feel better than I ever have (even with cancer) and people are seeing it. Once you’ve taken all the processed foods out for 30 days, your body can reset and work as normal. Then you will be able to spend your money on organic produce instead of pharmaceuticals. Or better still, grow your own produce! A tomato plant in a pot is not difficult! Put nutrition into your bodies so you can potentially avoid ailments later. When an ailment pops up, do some research before you blindly get another script. Usually you can remedy it all by yourself by adding a certain vitamin or supplement, which makes you feel even better!

Please comment and tell me your experiences with natural remedies! I love to hear from you 🙂

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