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What is your passion?

Do you have something you like to do that you completely lose yourself in? It’s called being passionate about something, I know I forgot what that meant too. We are all so busy, that we can’t focus on what makes us happy. After I had my first son, I started making soaps again. I couldn’t believe how much I missed it, and how much money we saved. And the end result is priceless because I made it, my own unique creations.

cancer fighting properties, homemade soaps,  I’ve always loved making soap since I was first shown as a child. It’s such a relaxing and fun time in my kitchen making new soaps. I only use natural ingredients, I even plan to have a dedicated soap-making garden this summer with herbs, flowers and spices. I cannot tell you how much this makes me happy because the plant base makes a very desirable soap! I find myself wanting to take 2 or 3 showers a day so I can try out my new soaps, ha ha! Plus, Donna is making soaps now too so we can geek out together.

Not only does it save money, but it’s so much healthier for you. The chemicals they put in commercial soaps are cancer-causing and are extremely drying to the skin. Also, making my own soap allows me to control the ingredients according to ailments with essentials oils! I absolutely love that I can make a medicinal tea tree bar for my boys eczema. Or an oatmeal shampoo for my dog. I will spend all day in the kitchen making soap and lose all track of time and reality, if allowed. So, it definitely stands to reason that it’s my passion. When I am at a store, I look at things in terms on soap molds. At a garage sale, I’m in heaven.

If you are just starting out, just buy the melt and pour glycerin. Then pick out oils and possibly herbs or flowers. This is a wonderful thing to make as a gift.  Not only is it fulfilling to see your creations come to fruition but homemade soap is better for your skin. You know exactly what ingredients are in the soap so there is no need to worry about random synthetic chemicals that are found in most store-bought soap. My sons bus driver, teachers, my nurses and friends all get homemade soaps as gifts. Each soap is like my own little baby, totally created by me. It’s a great feeling and I deeply encourage you to try it. Or come over and we’ll make soaps together!

I’ve gotten a little more into it, I will soon have a dedicated soap-making garden as I mentioned. But also, making my own lye with ashes from my grill pit or fire-place. And making my own essential oils by growing my own herbs, and leaving them in a jar full of oil outside in the heat. Essential oils have a beautiful scent and therapeutic properties. I use herbs, plants and seasonings to color the soaps naturally. I find myself saving lemon peels or rose petals, anything I can use for soaps! I’ve even made powder from leaves or fruit, by drying them in the oven and a quick spin in the spice grinder.

I make soaps for baby’s sensitive skin, and even dead sea bars for exfoliation. I have orders for baby showers, weddings, birthday cupcake soaps, honeymoon flip-flop soaps, and anything anyone wants! It’s a unique alternative to setting out the traditional mints. I also have a few people who return for my shaving soaps. See more soaps I’ve made here.

cancer fighting, botanical soaps, always fight
Cobalt tea tree bars, colored with aquamarine root coloring, coconut and almond oil.

My boys love the blue tea bars and I have a few moms that order for their kiddos too. I’ve actually found a stash of blue bars in my older son’s room. He loves them so much! It’s the only thing he can use that doesn’t sting the dry areas. And we also love to make soaps together, it’s sparked a huge interest in cooking for my oldest too. My younger one loves to make the alphabet and we are going to make Easter egg soaps next!

I also love to make candles, flavored vinegar’s, flavored oils, bath bombs, lip balms, wreaths, you name it! I love to make anything myself. What is your passion? Please comment below!

The next trip to MD Anderson is soon, thank you for your donation.


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