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What the heck is kombucha?

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Star fruit and lemon syrup, ready for the second fermentation.

I love natural, alternative, and old remedies. Essential oils, herbs, plants, teas, and kombucha… oh my! Wait, what the heck is Kombucha?? That’s what I said when I was introduced, but it’s definitely worth looking into. It’s a fermented tea that has amazing healing properties for many ailments like anxiety, circulation, intestinal disorders and kidney issues.

Something that I geek out over is Kombucha, and I want to tell you how it has helped me. I love making it, coming up with new flavors, and sharing with my friends. It’s fabulous for your skin, kidneys, liver, immune system, and helps with digestion. It tastes bitter-sweet like sparkling wine. I make tons of flavors like orange, strawberry, even root beer! The best one so far was when I got oranges from the farmer’s market in Texas, it tasted just like Sunkist. My kids love it, especially the baby. He asks for KABOO-CHA! It’s delicious and so very good for you. My hair and nails grow like crazy with this too.

During chemo and since, I’ve had issues with my liver and kidneys virtually shutting down, because they couldn’t handle the meds. I also have a very weakened immune system, and internal radiation burns. In doing research for something natural to help me to get through all the treatment, Donna came across kombucha. She researched it to make sure it would be ok for me, since there are many things to avoid. Donna tried it for a while and had amazing results. She had liver issues that caused painful, red and blotchy spots on her skin when in the sun. It was gone after just a couple of weeks!! She said she felt amazing, and she looked amazing too. I am always looking for ways to skip the store bought pharmaceuticals and I was so excited about this. She brought me a bottle of her kombucha to try, a scoby, and showed me how to do it. A SCOBY is a Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast. It eats the sugar in the fruit, and bacteria in the tea as it ferments. Making it very nearly sugar-free, and ok for me to drink, as I have to stay away from sugar. Sugar feeds tumors. Now I’m hooked and I feel great! I am always looking for new fruits and herbs to try. I love my garden in the summertime, I can go out and grab some berries and herbs. First fermentation usually takes 5 days. Second, takes 5-7 days. If you leave it out for about a month, you will have wine.

It helped me during my second round of radiation. I would not have lived through that treatment without it, because my body wasn’t holding any nutrients or fluids. I was sick 30 minutes after treatment each day like clockwork, and then would continue to get sick throughout the day because the radiation was going through the hip-joint and up to the tumors on my spine. But in doing so, it was hitting my intestines and burning the stomach causing vomiting and intestinal damage that is still an issue. Once I could finally hold something down, I would drink my kombucha and it would really perk me up. It’s great for anxiety, which is a constant battle I have while facing this illness. I try to stay away from pills and the doc keeps trying to put me on things for mood and anxiety. I’m already on hormone blocker shots and pills, which is definitely mood altering, so I love my kombucha!

This is how I make my kombucha. Click to enlarge.
Amanda Krysa, always fight, end cancer

I recommend it for everyone, sick or not. Your skin will look better, your joints will feel better, and just happier overall. If you have ailments, I encourage you to try this. I have plenty of kombucha mushrooms for anyone that would like to try it. They are like my babies, so rest assured I will help you take care of it. It’s hard to give away my scoby’s but my hotel is full, so please let me know.

Do you make your own kombucha? What are your favorite flavors? If you start your own, please let me know! We can geek out together!

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